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OS Ref: NJ 036554   RCAHMS No: NJ05NW 32

Along with the churches of Barevan and Birnie, Altyre ranks as one of the most superb remnants of the medieval diocese. It is also, perhaps, the most complete ruin of a 13th century church building in the north.

Part of the Deanery of Elgin, Altyre was a parish from the very earliest of times. It was a common church of the Chapter from 1239 and, in a re-grant to this effect in 1331, it was specified that the revenues were to be used for the support of the Chaplains in the Cathedral. Sadly, the dedication has been lost over time.

In later times (some time before 1601) the church was attached to the church of Dallas but it was separated again from it in 1657 (Kellas then being attached to Dallas) and was attached to the church of Rafford. It is thought that Altyre fell out of use at this time.


Approaching the church from the south.

From the south west.



The west gable.

Looking through the north door across the nave.


The interior looking east.

Looking through the south door across the nave to the north door.



From the south east showing the windows in the south wall.

The east gable.


The secluded location of the church.


We make no apology for including so many images here. The remains of this church, and its location, are quite exquisite. Much of the stonework is First Pointed and the east window contains the remains of tracery. There are three windows in the north and south walls of what would have been the chancel and, further west, two door standing opposite each other. Altyre has been in the hands of the Gordon-Cumming family for many years.



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