Associated Chapels: Meads of St John.

OS Ref: NJ 060562   RCAHMS No: NJ05NE 5

The antiquity of this site is reflected by its dedication to St Maelrubha - it was of old described as 'ecclesia de Ruffus' in a 13th century charter. The little that remains in the old churchyard is incorporated in the foundations of the gravedigger's hut. This is thought to be what is left of the east gable of a church which was in use from 1754 until 1826. Of the ancient, some say Celtic, church nothing is known and even the graveyard is not confirmed as the site of this ancient foundation.

In the early days of the Chapter of Moray Rafford was part of the prebend of the Precentor but, on the expansion of the Chapter in 1226, it was transferred to be part of the prebend of the Sub-Chanter (who also had the church of Ardclach {Fothervais}).


The graveyard at Rafford with the gravedigger's hut at centre. Reverse view.


The church of Rafford was joined with that of Altyre in the 1650's.


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