The following sites have received awards from Firth's Celtic Scotland. If you care to browse the criteria which have to be satisfied before an award is made then you will see why there are so few! Further information about some of the sites is posted on the links page.

  Web Site. URL
Order of Colum Cille    
Order of St Andrew    
2 April 2000 Homepage of St Augustine
Order of St Drostan    
4 Oct 1999 Irish Saints
14 Nov 1999 Wild Goose Renewal of Celtic Spirituality
7 August 2005 The Johannine Celtic Church
Order of St Erchard    
17 Nov 1999 Parishes in Isle of Man
21 Dec 1999 Duffus Origins
21 Dec 1999 Dark Isle
21 Dec 1999 Scottish Radiance
5 Jan 2000 Scotland's Virtual Church
7 Jan 2000 IMBAS
7 Jan 2000 Celtic Republic of Appalachia
7 Jan 2000 The Celtic Exchange
10 Jan 2000 Scotland's Kings and Queens
1 April 2000 Scottish History Online
15 May 2005 Clan Duncan Society
30 May 2005 Orkneyjar
11 August 2005 Baird History - Genealogy



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