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There are not too many other internet sources for the student of the Early Church in Alba. However, if you do know of any other related sites please e-mail us and let us know their URL's

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We have, however, found the following to be of interest. Some are related directly to the "celtic" church whilst others are just good links for those who have a passion for Alba!

Celtic / Pictish Church:

Catholic Saints:

Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments Scotland:

The Church of the Culdees:

Rob Harbison's pages ( winner of the Order of St Andrew from us). Brilliant site with a wealth of information about many areas of Celtic understanding. Learned contributions to the body of knowledge relating to early monasticism in Cymru:

Index to Parishes of the Isle of Man:

Source of information about Celtic Saints of Eire (winner of our Order of St Drostan):

Rule of St Columba (Colum Cille):

Artefacts of the Diocese of Limerick (incl. Ardagh Chalice and O'Dea Mitre):

  The Celtic Republic of Appalachia (winner of one of the Order of St Erchard). Very good site and, yes, its is real!:


Go to Celtic Christianity Web-Ring




For the enthusiastic "surfer" take a look at:

Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments (Scotland):

Searchable Archive of Scotland's History and Culture (Millenium Project):

Celt Corpus of Electronic Texts (from the University of Cork): new

Information from the USA about the (second) Reformation of 1560:

Free Graphics by Syruss:

The Gregorian Chant Home Page (winner of our Order of St Erchard): new


For some free graphics try:

Link to Celtic Art



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