General Conditions.

For a Web-site to be considered for one of our awards it must first satisfy the following General Conditions and then the conditions for the individual award.

1. The site must be interesting and well written.
2. It should not be a commercial site.
3. It will not contain distasteful material.
4. All graphics must be original or be correctly attributed.
5. Graphics must load as quickly as possible.
6. The site must not contain superfluous items (we are not impressed with banner ads., pop-up screens, etc.)


How to Apply ...

If you would like to apply for an award the please use the Application Form to e-mail us giving details of your name, your site's URL and brief details of its contents. This is a "low-tech" application procedure since we prefer to keep the "personal touch"! Once we have visited your site you will receive an e-mail to tell you if you have received an Award.

Please don't be offended if you do not receive an award. We simply believe that the value of award schemes on the Internet depends on their rarity. This means that you should be extremely proud if you do receive one of ours! Please feel free to view the list of those who have received Awards to-date.

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