The Sassoferrato Chalice.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.



Chalice of Peter of Sassoferrato, ca. 1341–1342

Italian; Siena, from the Franciscan Church of Sassoferrato
Silver gilded and translucent enamel; H. 8 7/16 in. (21.7 cm), Diam. of base 5 7/8 in. (14.9 cm)
Inscribed (on the stem above the knop): + FRA/T(R)IS P/ETRI PENIT/ENTI/ARII + DOMI/NI PA/PE ("of Brother Peter Penitentiary of the Lord Pope"); (on the stem below the knop) + LOCI SAS/SIFERATI/NON VEN/DATVR/NEC DI/STRATVR ("of the place of Sassoferrato neither sell nor destroy")
The Cloisters Collection, 1988


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