The Suki Chalice  c 1440
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The Suki Chalice

This outstanding Gothic chalice has survived essentially unaltered, retaining its original form. Richly adorned with filigree flowers and architectural features, it has 30 small niches in which stand statutes of saints and angels, as well as engraved medallions and a Eucharistic prayer in miniscule lettering: Ave vas clemencie.

Benedek Suki, whose name appears in the inscription and who presented the chalice to the Cathedral of Gyulafehérvár, is recorded amongst the Transylvanian nobility between 1437 and 1439. In 1557, at a time when the Catholics were suffering severe persecution, Bishop István Illosvai transferred the chalice to Nagyszombat, where the Archbishopric and Chapter of Esztergom were then resident.

The donor’s inscription on the base reads: calice istu fecit fieri benedictus de swk nobilis transsilvanus p ipm q huic eclie co donatus [Benedek Suki, of the Transylvanian nobility, had this cup made and gave it to this church].

Origin: Transylvania; circa 1440
Description: Silver-gilt, enamel; cast, wrought, engraved; height: 27.2 cm

{Information from the Gilbert Collection}


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