Associated Chapels: Eilean Mor

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In ancient times also known as 'Combric-Abrich' and 'Crosain'.

In 673AD St Maelruba (St Rufus, Malrube, etc.) whose festival is 27 August, founded the church of Aporcrossan. The Irish Annals also say that he died there on 21 April 722, aged 80 years, 3 months, 19 days {Annals of Tigernach}. There is a story of him dying of wounds received from the Danes. He was succeeded by Failbe McGuaire who in 737 perished at sea along with twenty-two followers.

The church stood at the head of the bay on the West side of the parish. The present kirk was built in 1817. There was also a chaplainry within the church served by one or two chaplains.

On Eilean Mor, on a small plateau 50ft above and the W of 'Camus na h-Annait' at NG 6964 3472, there are the remains of a building and enclosure. This is supposed to have been an ancient chapel site. The name 'Port na h'Annaide' on the island also suggest an ancient chapel or burying-ground.





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