Translation of Folio 5.

This folio represents Mathew, Ch 1, vv 18-21. At the top of the folio appears "in nomine sancte Trinitatis", partially pared off in binding the volume. It has Gaelic writing in the margins, in a hand much later than the original scribe of the Gospel book. In the Gaelic it reads:

"Robhaid colbain mormáer buchan acus eua ingen garnait abenphústa acus donnachac mac sithig tœsech clenni morgainn edbarta rí día acus rídrostán acus ria columcilli acus rí petar apstal onahulib dolaidib archuit cetri dabach do ni thíssad arardmandaidib alban cucotchenn acus arardchellaib . testibus his brocin et cormac abb turbrúaid et morgunn mac donnchaid acus gilli petair mac donnchaid acus malæchín acus da mac matni acus mathe buchan huli naíaidnaisse in helain."

which interpreted is:

"Colbin, mormaer of Buchan, and Eva, daughter of Gartnat, his wedded wife, and Donnachac, son of Sithec, toisech of Clann Morgainn, immolated all the offerings to God and to Drostan and to Columcille and to Peter the Apostle from all the burthens for a share of four davochs of what would come on the chief residences [monasteries] of Alba generally and on chief churches. Testibus his Broccin, and Cormac, Abbot of Turbruaid, and Morgunn, son of Donnchad, and Gille Petair, son of Donnchad, and Malaechin and Matne's two sons, and the nobles of Buchan, all in witness hereof in Elan (Ellon)".


The act of making this grant took place at Ellon, which was of old the capital of the province and earldom of Buchan in Pictish times, at a meeting of the officials, and "good men" or proprietors of the district. This was doubtless held on the Moothill, a green mound at Ellon on the banks of the River Ythan, where the Earls of Buchan administered justice and took investiture of their great fief.


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