Zetland - List of Churches and Chapels.

Items are listed alphabetically within the modern (civil) parishes in which they are located. Dedications are given where these are known. Head-Churches {Hovedkirke or Sognekirke} are printed in capitals. Next comes the OS Grid. Ref of the location and then the authority for the inclusion of the item, such as the RACHMS Inventory No. or the Ordnance Survey. Other references are abbreviated. The entry concludes with a brief description of the remains. The item numbers refer to those on the map.


1. CULBINSBURGH St Mary HU521423 Inv. 1083 Walls of building in graveyard.
2. Gungstie (Noss)   HU530409 Inv. 1110 Ridges and stones in graveyard.
3. Gunnista St. Olaf HU501437 Inv. 1103 Foundations.
4. Kirkabister St John HU492380 Inv. 1104 Identifiable graveyard site.


5. Calback   HU394754 Inv. 1129 Graveyard site.
6. Collafirth   HU429689 Inv. 1131 Graveyard site.
7. Dale   HU412684 Inv. 1130 Graveyard site.
8. Kirkhouse (Burgins)   HU403625 Inv. 1132 Graveyard site.
9. Laxobigging St Magnus HU417728 Inv. 1128 Graveyard site.
10. Samphray   HU465761 Mathewson Identifiable site.
11. SCATSTA St Paul HU389719   Graveyard site.
12. VOE (Olnafirth) St Olaf HU389719 Inv. 1112 Later building on old site in graveyard.


13. Clumlie St Columba HU405181 Goudie Graveyard site.
14. Fair Isle St Peter HU205707 Inv. 1203 Graveyard site.
15. Fladdabister   HU436324 Inv. 1183 Graveyard site.
16. Ireland   HU377219 Inv. 1186 Site.
17. Levenwick St Leven HU414213 Goudie Graveyard site.
18. MAIL St Columba/St Paul HU433279 Inv. 1136 Graveyard site.
19. QUENDALE Holy Rood HU375132 Inv. 1137 Graveyard site.
20. St Ninian's Isle   HU368209 Inv. 1185 Walls of building in graveyard.
21. SANDWICK St Magnus HU433237   Graveyard site.
22. South Voxter   HU436279 Inv. 1184 Graveyard site.
23. Sumburgh St Matthew HU399096   Probable site.
24. Tolob St Barnabas HU389116   Possible site.


25. Feal St Hilary HU631908 Inv. 1235 Foundations in graveyard.
26. Funzie   HU661902 Inv. 1234 Site.
27. Houbie   HU622906 N.S.A. Site.
28. Kirkhouse   HU659911 Inv. 1233 Ridges in graveyard.
29. Kirk-Knowe (Oddsta)   HU584938 Inv. 1232 Graveyard site.
30. Klifts   HU604901 Inv. 1236 Stones.
31. Northdale   HU605920 N.S.A. Site.
32. PAPIL Holy Rude/St Bartholomew HU607905   Foundations under later building in churchyard.
33. Rossiter   HU605935 N.S.A. Site.
34. Strandburgh   HU671931 O.S. Foundations of buildings.
35. Urie   HU593938 N.S.A. Site


36. Brindister   HU440369 Inv. 1255 Graveyard site.
37. EASTER QUARFF   HU426353 Inv. 1256 Graveyard site.
38. PAPIL (W. Burra) St Laurence HU368315 Inv. 1266 Graveyard site.
39. Southerhouse/Brough (W. Burra)   HU378349 Inv. 1276 Site.
40. Trebister   HU447385 Inv. 1254 Site.
41. Upper Sound   HU460400 Inv. 1257 Site.
42. WICK (Gulberwick)   HU441392 Inv. 1253 Remains in graveyard.


43. Garth (S. Nesting)   HU471541 Inv. 1281 Graveyard site.
44. Housay St Nicholas HU682716 F.E.S. Indeterminate site.
45. Inner Holm of Skaw   HU599673 Inv. 1387 Ruins.
46. Isbister (Whalsay)   HU579640 Inv. 1338 Graveyard site.
47. KIRKABISTER (Nesting) St Olaf HU487578 Inv. 1305 Site.
48. Kirkabister (Vidlin Voe)   HU 487667 Inv. 1303 Graveyard site.
49. KIRKNESS (Whalsay) Holy Rude HU554654 Inv. 1340 Graveyard site.
50. Laxfirth (N. Nesting)   HU474597 Inv. 1304 Site.
51. LUNNA St Margaret HU485691 Inv. 1280 Church in graveyard.
52. Lunna (Chapel Knowe)   HU485691 Inv. 1280 Foundations.
53. Symbister (Whalsay)   HU540622 Inv. 1389 Graveyard site.
54. Vidlin   HU477653 Inv. 1302 Indeterminate site.


55. Breckon (Eshaness) Holy Rude HU212781 Inv.1351 Walls of building in graveyard.
56. Heoldale   HU315703 Inkster. Possible site.
57. HILLSWICK St Gregory HU278770 Inv. 1381 Graveyard site.
58. HOULL (N. Roe) St Magnus HU371910 Inv. 1379 Graveyard site.
59. OLLABERRY St Olaf HU367806   Graveyard site.
60. South Gluss   HU345774 Inv. 1380 Graveyard site.
61. Swinister   HU336806 Inkster Possible site.
62. Tingon   HU244831 Inv. 1382 Site.
63. Ure (North House)   HU221801 Inv. 1883 Graveyard site.


64. Biggins (Aith)   HU342558 Inv. 1463 Graveyard site.
65. Gruting St Mary HU277491 Inv. 1466 Site.
66. SAND St Mary HU346472 Inv. 1392 Walls and arch of church in graveyard.
67. Tumblin   HU339530 Inv. 1464 Site.
68. TWATT   HU327533 Pitcairn Graveyard site.
69. Uyeasound   HU308597 Inv. 1462 Graveyard site.
70. Wester Skeld   HU297439 Inv. 1465 Site.


71. Cutts (Trondra)   HU402384 Inv. 1534 Foundations.
72. Gott   HU431455 Nelson Graveyard site.
73. Kirkaby (Russa Ness)   HU365469 Inv. 1536 Possible site.
74. KIRKHOUSE (Whiteness) St Olaf HU386444 Inv. 1527 Graveyard site.
75. Kirkigarth   HU412522   Possible site.
76. SOUND (Weisdale) St Mary HU383501 Inv. 1524 Graveyard site.
77. TINGWALL St Magnus HU419438 Inv. 1496: 1525 Graveyard site.
78. Wadabister   HU434496 Inv. 1523 Stones in graveyard.


79. BALIASTA St John HP602095   Parts of old church in later church in graveyard.
80. Balta St Sunniva HP659083 Inv. 1597 Indeterminate site.
81. Bothen (Haroldswick) St Mary HP636127 Inv. 1538 Walls in graveyard.
82. Burrafirth   HP615135 Saxby Possible site.
83. Clibberswick Holy Rude HP650121 Inv. 1537 Walls in graveyard.
84. Colvadale St John HP622045 Inv. 1578 Stones.
85. Framgord St Mary HP619029 Inv. 1539 Walls in graveyard.
86. Gletna Kirk   HP592021 Inv. 1540 Rough foundations.
87. Kirkaby (Westing)   HP365065 Inv. 1542 Foundations.
88. Kirk Knowe (Westing)   HP 572056 O.S. Stones.
89. LUNDAWICK St Olaf HP566042 Inv. 1541 Ruined church in graveyard.
90. Norwick St Bartholomew HP649146 Inv. 1577 Stones.
91. NORWICK St John HP652141 Inv. 1536 Stones in graveyard.
92. Uyea   HU608985 Inv. 1598 Ruined chapel in graveyard.


93. Braebister   HU216495 Inv. 1669 Graveyard site.
94. Footaburgh   HU198496 Inv. 1671 Site.
95. Harrier (Foula)   HU958496 Inv. 1688 Graveyard site.
96. KIRKIGARTH (Walls) St Paul HU239496 Inv. 1668 Graveyard site.
97. Norby St Ninian HU199574 Inv. 1667 Site.
98. PAPA STOUR   HU176601   Graveyard site.
99. SANDNESS St Margaret HU191577 Inv. 1662 Graveyard site.
100. Setter   HU207507 Inv. 1670 Graveyard site.
101. Upperdale   HU195530 Inv. 1672 Site.


102. Bigga   HU449783 Inv. 1134 Ruins in graveyard.
103. BRECKON (Kirk o' Ness) St Olaf HP532049 Inv. 1712 Walls of building in graveyard.
104. Burravoe   HU518793 Inv. 1737 Site.
105. Graven (Westafirth)   HP500047 Inv. 1733 Graveyard site.
106. Grimister   HU468934 Inv. 1742 Graveyard site.
107. Gutcher St John HU549990 Inv. 1735 Graveyard site.
108. HAMNAVOE St Magnus HU494804 Pitcairn Graveyard site.
109. Hascosay   HU545918 Edmonston Probable site.
110. Kirkabister (Basta Voe) St Olaf HU 539956 Inv. 1736 Graveyard site.
111. Kirkabister (Mid Yell) St Anne HU512922 O.S. Site.
112. Kirkhouse (West Yell)   HU452937 Inv. 1739 Site.
113. Kirks (Gloup)   HP506048 Inv. 1730 Graveyard site.
114. Linga   HU558987 O.S. Site
115. Papil St Ninian HP542041 Inv. 1734 Ridges in graveyard.
116. REAFIRTH St John HU514910 Inv. 1713 Parts of old church in later church in graveyard.
117. Ulsta   HU464803 Inv. 1738 Graveyard site.
118. Vollister   HU476939 Inv. 1743 Site.
119. West Sandwick   HU452888 Inv. 1740 Site.
120. Windhouse   HU490920 Inv. 1741 Graveyard site.
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