The early Diocese consisted of the following benefices, all contained within one Deanery:

Bower   Archdeacon
Cannisbay St Drostán Prebend
Clyne St Aloyne Dean
Criech St Devenick Precentor
Dornoch St Barr Dean / Precentor / Chancellor / Treasurer
Dunnet St Voloc Prebend
Durness St Maelrubha Dean and Chapter (to find lights and incense)
Farr   Dean and Chapter (to find lights and incense)
Golspie St Carden Bishop's mensa
Kildonan St Donan Abbot of Scone
Lairg St Maelrubha Treasurer
Latherton   Bishop's mensa
Loth St Carden Bishop's mensa
Olrick St Trothan Prebend
Reay St Colman Bishop's mensa
Rogart St Callen Chancellor
Skinnet St Thomas to furnish residence money for the three canons in ordinary or in default to maintain the fabric
Thurso St Peter Bishop's mensa
Watten   Archdeacon
Wick St Fergus Bishop's mensa
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