Associated Chapels: Dunballoch (St Maurice).

OS Ref: NH 550457    RCAHMS No: NH54NW 4

The parish church of St Mary, Wardlaw, was moved here from its previous site at Dunballoch, as the result of a Papal Bull of 1220. Very little of the medieval church remains apart from a quatrefoil window thought to date from c1341. The main part of the mausoleum dates from at least 1722 (date on the belfry) and may date from 1634 or even as early as 1618 when the parishes of Wardlaw and Farnua were united to form the parish of Kirkhill. The mausoleum contains the graves of the Frasers of Reelig.

Wardlaw gained its name gained its name from the fact that the garrison of Lovat kept watch or 'ward' on this hill.


Wardlaw Mausoleum. The old church was immediately to the west (left).

Memorial to 'the Family of Reelick' - Frasers of Relig.


A very early 'sword' gravestone which lies to the south of the mausoleum.

There are no visible remains of the original church at Dunballoch. Although some say it was dedicated to St Maurice (St Maree/Mary?) there are some who say that its very earliest name was St Dubtach's.



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