Chapel within the Parish of: Kirkmichael.

OS Ref: NJ 164182   RCAHMS No: NJ11NE 2

The chapel of St Bridget at Wester Camdol or Camdale is very old indeed. The lands here were called Camdelbeg or Campdalebeg. It was in the farm beside the old chapel that the stalwart Jacobite, Gordon of Glenbuchat, lived following the disasters of the '45 Rebellion. He was one of the best known of those who supported the Young Pretender, Prince Charles (Bonnie Price Charlie). The lands here belonged to the Laird although his main residence was Glenbuchat Castle on the banks of the River Don. However, he no doubt found the farmhouse to be a 'safer' refuge from the Red Coat soldiers who would have given much to find him! It says a lot for the devotion of the local people that they were not willing to reveal the whereabouts of the Laird even when a handsome reward was available.


The remains of the chapel in the foreground looking out over to the River Avon. The grassy mounds show where the chapel stood.

The chapel site is on top of an escarpment created by the River Avon which flows below. It lies directly on an old route through the Cairngorm Mountains to either the Spey or Dee valleys. The farmhouse is now the centre of a thriving riding school and is the ideal location for those who want to treck up the higher reaches of the River Avon amongst some of the most spectacular scenery in Scotland. (Click here for more details.)



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