Raitts Chapel


Chapel within the Parish of: Alvie.

OS Ref: NH 787020  RCAHMS No: NH70SE 87

The chapel of St Moluag at Chapelpark, Lynchat (known as Raitts Chapel) ranks as one of the oldest Christian foundations in Scotland. St Moluag is thought to have died in AD 592.

The site has only recently been investigated (2000) and that was only a relatively simple investigation. It is to be hoped that funds may become available for a full survey in the near future since the local land owner has suggested plans to build on the site. The chapel is mentioned in documents of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

The site is surrounded by a bank which was found to be composed of stone with an earthen core and during excavations, the remains of burials were found.

It is possible that this is one of the few sites of the Early Church in Scotland to remain relatively intact (apart from the inevitable action of the plough) and, as such, is of great importance.


The earthen bank surrounding the site. View of the opposite edge of the bank.


View of the remains of a building. Further view of the remains.



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