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OS Ref: NJ 027260   RCAHMS No: NJ02NW 4

The ancient church here beside the waters of the Spey was destroyed in 1888 when the graveyard was extended. The church was known as St Futhach's (or Futach, or Figgat) and obscure name that has all but defeated historians although one school of thought says that the saint in question is Fiacre, a 7th century Irishman.

Known certainly since 1230 this church was part of the Bishop of Moray's 'mensa' having been originally gifted by Walter de Moravia for the upkeep of the cathedral fabric. The estate of Inverallan was gifted to the Augustini family by the de Moravias at much the same time - probably to Robert Augustini - and this family, in turn, granted certain lands from the estate to Kinloss Abbey.

There is a much weathered Pictish symbol stone set into the boundary wall of the graveyard. There is also across-incised slab and, at the entrance gateway, a granite boulder which has been hollowed out for use as a font. Nearby was a Holy Well - St Futach's Well.

The old churchyard where the church of Innerallian stood.  

Granite boulder said to have been used as a font. Badly weathered Pictish symbol stone.



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