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OS Ref: NH 724395   RCAHMS No: NH73NW 1

The church of Daviot was a mensal church of the Bishop of Moray and Bp. Bricius, at the instance of Freskyn de Kerdale, granted it for the fabric of the Cathedral (1206x1222).

Some records show that Daviot Church was, at some time, gifted to Pluscarden Priory, the Valliscaulian House near Elgin but this has yet to be confirmed.

The churches of Daviot and Dunlichty were united in 1618. The present church building was erected in 1826 to replace one which, with the manse, are said to have been built in 1763. There is a suggestion that on a 'hill' between the church and the manse was built a belfry, some 40 feet high. It is supposed to have been blown down in a storm in the mid-1800's and no trace of it is now to be found. The hill was said to have been called Cnoc an-T-Sagairt - Priest's Hill.

A number of cup-marked stones have been found here pointing to an ancient population centre of some size.

Daviot Church

Grave of 30th Chief of Mackintosh

The present church at sun-rise very early one summer morning.

Grave of the 30th Chief of Mackintosh.




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