Chapel within the Parish of: Dyke

OS Ref: c.NJ 012616   RCAHMS No: NJ06SW 9


Some of the early historians record a Chapel of St Ninian at Culbin, near Kincorth, where the name was preserved in 'Ninian's Croft' and a mound known as 'Chapel Hill'. There is a charter, dated 1586, which refers to the Manse of the Chapel of St Ninian.

The first known owners of the lands of the Barony of Culbin were the de Moravia family. Richard Moray, brother of Gilbert, 4th Bishop of Caithness, was the first recorded occupier. He lived about 1240 but the family had the lands long before this time. The family held these lands until the early part of the 15th century when they passed in mariage to the Kinnaird family in whose hands they remained until the final devastation of 1694. The estate originally covered some 3600 acres. The area was, of course, buried 'alive' by the great sand storm. Culbin House is said to lie under one of the large dunes just east of Kincorth House.




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