Chapel within the Parish of: Croy.

OS Ref: NH 752439    RCAHMS No: NH74SE 7

To those who know their history, this area is most famous because of its wealth of ancient burials - the Clava Cairns. They are impressive and, in their own rights, well worth a visit but a little further down the road is the Chapel of St Bridget. Only the foundations remain but it is quite possible to make out the shape of the building. Little is known about this church but it must be remembered that in ancient times this valley was itself of some considerable importance and it was also the 'main road' to the east and the north (via the Chanonry Ferry).

One or two sources give the dedication of this chapel as St Dorothea but the weight of evidence points to Brigit.


The hay bales do nothing to enhance the site!

The shape of the old chapel is clear here - beyond is the railway viaduct.


The chapel lies to the right of the large stone - perhaps the remainder of a cairn.

Looking north east a huge monolith is visible in the middle distance - another cairn!




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