Scottish Ecclesiological Society

Many years ago the Scottish Ecclesiological Society was formed by the amalgamation of the Aberdeen and Glasgow Ecclesiological Societies. Its transactions are still a major source of material for those interested in the history of the Church in Scotland.

The Society had been constituted for the promotion of two main objectives:

First. The study of the principles of Christian worship, and of the Church Architecture, and the Allied Arts, which are the handmaids of devotion; and

Second. The diffusion throughout Scotland of sound views, and a truer taste in such matters.

The First Resolution passed at the inaugural meeting held on 19th May 1903, in the Hall of the Society of Arts in Edinburgh was, "This meeting recognizes that it is for the benefit of Scotland that the study of the Principles of Christian Worship, and of the Church Architecture and the allied Arts which are the handmaids of devotion, should be encouraged in our land.

 Sadly, no such Society exists today.

We would be most interested to hear from any individual who, like us, would like to see such a Society being re-established but in electronic media. The aim of the Society was always to further the study of the history of the church in Scotland from its earliest of times to the present and it would be fitting to continue this aim.

We believe that it would be possible to do this at minimal cost using electronic media.

Please send us an e-mail if you feel that you would like to support or contribute to such a Society and we will seek to re-establish a council to govern and administer its activities.


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