Collegiate Church of St Nicholas, Dalkeith.

In 1372 King Robert II granted a licence to James of Douglas to endow a chaplainry within the church of St Nicholas at Dalkeith. Also, in 1390 the same Sir James Douglas, first Lord of Dalkeith, "bequeathed, besides a cup and a missal, a sum of money for the reparation and roofing of the Chapel of St Nicholas at Dalkeith". However, the church itself was not raised to collegiate status until 1406 when it was endowed with "stipends and manses for a provost and five prebendaries, as perpetual chaplains".

Collegiate Church of Dalkeith. Old sketch of the
Collegiate Church of St Nicholas, Dalkeith.

In 1477 the church was enlarged by the addition of three canonries, endowed by the then Earl of Morton. James, 4th Lord of Dalkeith was created Earl of Morton in 1457. His wife was Johan, third daughter of King James I. The earl is said to have died about 1498. There is a monument in the church showing the arms of Douglas impaled with the royal arms of Scotland and this is thought to be the last resting place of the Earl and his royal wife. Sadly, this beautiful old church was, like so many others, much damaged by the reforming vandals!

Plan of the College of Dalkeith.


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