Collegiate Church of Arbuthnott.

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Tomb of Sir Robert Arbuthnott (died 1506) The tomb, lying under the windows in the southern apse of the aisle, is thought to be that of the founder of the collegiate church, Sir Robert Arbuthnott, who died in 1506. The ancient arms of the family are on the wall to the left.

Above the stone-vaulted roof of this aisle is the priest's room wherein were written the Arbuthnott Missal, Psalter and Office Book.

This aisle is all work of the 15th Century.


Church interior from chancel looking west.
Interior of the church looking from the 13th Century chancel to the nave.
The archway on the left leads to the Arbuthnott Aisle.


From nave looking east.
Looking eastwards from the nave towards the chancel.
The grave-slab shown in the next picture is visible behind the pulpit.


Ancient grave-slab
This ancient grave-slab rests against the wall to the north
of the chancel arch, just behind the pulpit.


Exterior of church looking north-east.
Looking north-eastwards at the nave and the Arbuthnott Aisle. The second storey of the Aisle is clearly visible along with the turret, within which is the stairway from the Aisle to the priest's chamber above where the Arbuthnott Missal was written.


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