Pictish High Kings.


SName CName From To Mention Notes
  Talorg 388 413 0 Surname is given variously as Mac Keother and Mac Keocher.
Mac Erp Drust 413 453 0 Surname variants are Yrb and Wirp.
Mac Aniel Talorg 453 456 0
Mac Erp Nectan Morbet 456 480 0 Younger brother of Drust MacErp. He is called "the Great". His clan-lands were in the region of Tay, embracing parts of Forfarshire, Perthshire, and Fife. Tradition gives that he was a Christian.
Guorthinmoc Drust 480 510 0 During his sovereignty, in AD 498, the Gaidheals or Scots of the Irish Dalriada intruded their colonists into Pictland at Cantyre. Apparently Drust did nothing to stop them, if he even knew.
Arilith Galan 510 522 0
Mac Udrost Drust 522 527 0 Reigned jointly with Drust MacGyrom. Each would keep his seat in the capital of his clan; but in affairs that concerned all the clans they would lead together.
Mac Gyrom Drust 522 532 0 Reigned jointly with Drust MacUdrost from 522 to 527. Each would keep his seat in the capital of his clan; but in affairs that concerned all the clans they would lead together. From 527 to 532 Drust reigned alone.
Mac Gyrom Gartnaidh 532 539 0 During his reign, in AD 537, the historical Arthur fell at the battle of Camelon in Stirlingshire, on Pictish territory, in combat with the rebel Medraut, son of Loth or Lew of "Dinas Eiddyn (Edinburgh) in the North."
Mac Gyrom Celtran 539 540 0
Mac Murtholic Talorg 540 551 0 During his reign "the Yellow Plague" raged throughout the country.
Mac Munaith Drust 551 552 0 Possibly reigned for one year only because of the Yellow Plague.
Cennaleph Galan 552 553 0 Reigned for only one years possibly because of the Yellow Plague. From 553 to 554 he reigned jointly with Brude MacMaelchon. He died in AD 580.
Mac Maelchon Brude 553 584 0 He reigned for the first year jointly with Galan Cennaleph. Brude died in 584. He was a pagan all his life but could tolerate Christians. His home-territories and capital were round Inverness.
Mac Domneth Gartnaidh 584 599 0 Gartnaidh's home-territories and capital were on the east of Alba in the region of the Tay. He was a Christian.
MacConnon MocuErp Nectan 599 621 0 He also was a Christian and his home territories were on the east coast round the Tay, mainly in what is Forfarshire.
Mac Luthrenn Ciniath 621 631 0
Mac Wid Gartnaidh 631 635 0 Died AD 635.
Mac Wid Brude 635 641 0 Died AD 641.
Mac Wid Talorg 641 653 0 Died AD653.
Mac Enfred Talorgan 653 657 0 Died AD 657.
Mac Donnel Gartnaidh 657 663 0
Mac Donnel Drust 663 672 0 Deposed and Brude MacBile was appointed.
Mac Bile Brude 672 693 0 Died AD 693. The Pictish Chronicle gives the duration of his reign as 21 years; and Tighernac confirms by giving his death at 693.
Mac Entifidich Taran 693 697 0 He was a weak king and was deposed after ruling for only four years. Two of these years were nominal, the real power during that time being in the hands of Brude, chief of the powerful house of Derelei, who became sovereign.
Derelei Brude 695 706 0 He was effective ruler for the last two years of the reign of Taran MacEntifidich who was deposed in 697. Brude died in AD 706 having "reigned" for 11 years.
Derelei Nechtan 706 724 0 He tried to gain friedship with the English. In AD 711 they showed their feelings and appeared on the Moor of Mannan under Bertfrid, Osred's chief ealdorman. No vicory is recorded for either side but both suffered heavily.

Alpin 726 728 0
MacFergus Oengus I 729 761 0 King of Fortrenn. He "enthroned" St Andrew as patron of the Picts instead of St Peter. He won the kingship by force rather than by election.
Mac Fergus Brude 761 763 0
Mac Wredech Ciniod 763 775 0 (Kenneth MacFeredach)
Mac Wroid Elpin 775 780 0 (Alpin MacFeroid).
Mac Talorgen Drest (Drust) 0 783 0 According to the Annals of Ulster, Dubhtolarg, who died in 782, reigned independently during this sovereign's time over the Picts "citra Monaidh" (Dunottar).
Mac Angus Talorgan 0 785 0
Mac Taidg Conall 789 790 0 A chief of Dalriada who claimed both crowns and was opposed by Constantine. Defeated by Constantine, dethroned and banished.
Mac Fergus Constantine I 790 820 0 King of Fortrenn from the defeat of Conall until his death in AD 820. King of Dalriada also from 811.
Mac Fergus Angus II 820 834 0 King of Fortrenn & King of Dalriada.
Mac Constantine Drust 834 837 0 Reigned jointly with Talorgan MacWthoil.
Mac Wthoil Talorgan 834 837 0 Reigned jointly with Drust Mac Constantine.
Mac Bargoit Wrad 839 841 0 Reigned jointly with Brude for one year.
Mac Dergart Brude 841 842 0 The last of the line of Pictish Sovereigns listed in the Pictish Chronicle.


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